How OnlyFans Feeds The Success of Celebrity Accounts

By the start of 2021, OnlyFans hosted 1 million creators. This is a huge increase from the start of 2019 when the platform played host to a modest 60,000 creator accounts.

As the popularity of the platform has increased, so too have the number of difficulties faced by OnlyFans creators.

Perhaps the toughest of these newfound changes is the new niche known as celebrity OnlyFans. But how can regular users compete with people with established fanbases?

We’ve assessed the platform in relation to this, to see how OnlyFans visibility is often catered to celebrity profiles. Then, we’ve gone into how OnlyFans creators can compete with this fact. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the Problem With Celebrity OnlyFans?

In case you’re unaware, the term celebrity OnlyFans refers to an increasing sub-genre of OnlyFans accounts. These are accounts that are created and managed by celebrities with a pre-existing public profile.

OnlyFans is a platform open to anyone, which is why it’s accessible to people who are already recognised as celebrities. So, what’s the problem with this?

The most high-profile celebrity OnlyFans scandal to date concerned Bella Thorne.
In 2020, during the pandemic, Bella Thorne created an OnlyFans account to share exclusive material with her fans. This enabled her to obtain a total of 2 million in a single week through utilising the platform.

At first glance, this appears to be a success story for OnlyFans. But if you delve a little deeper, it’s clear to see that this success comes at a cost to regular users.
This means that new users are signing up to OnlyFans based on the previous public persona of users. This can make it hard for those who aren’t already famous to increase OnlyFans audience numbers.

As anyone on OnlyFans knows, the higher your subscription numbers, the more money you’re able to attain through the platform.

This is why celebrity OnlyFans accounts are a problem; they take the spotlight away from regular accounts.

What’s worse is that OnlyFans is currently designed in a way that feeds the success of celebrities in terms of how it handles OnlyFans visibility.

How Do OnlyFans Favour Celebrities Over Regular OnlyFans Creators?

The trouble with celebrity OnlyFans accounts is that OnlyFans typically promotes them over regular users.

This is a problem because the best thing about OnlyFans is that it puts the power back into the hands of the individual. If you create an OnlyFans account, you’re personally responsible for your own content.

This means you can release as much or as little as you like, in varying categories. Where sex workers have become marginalised and abused by society, OnlyFans enables you to take back that control.

From the perspective of OnlyFans however, they’re mostly concerned with successful OnlyFans accounts.

The more successful an account is, the more OnlyFans is able to profit from it themselves. OnlyFans take a 20% cut of all money earned through the platform, with the rest going straight to the account holder.

Equally, the more buzz an account gets from the general public, the more it attracts people to the platform.

This is where things get tricky, as celebrity OnlyFans accounts work better for the company overall. This is despite the fact that the platform was designed and launched with regular individuals in mind.

OnlyFans has done little in terms of design changes to level the playing field for regular creators.
Finally, celebrity accounts compete alongside regular accounts on OnlyFans. This means that the average user has to decide whether to spend $300 on exclusive content from a celebrity, or from a regular person.

Most of the time, the weight of a celebrity persona will make them gravitate towards the celebrity account. All of this makes OnlyFans a challenging space for OnlyFans creators in 2021.

What Can OnlyFans Creators Do to Compete With Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts?

Thankfully, there are ways in which regular accounts can mitigate the impact of celebrity accounts.

The first thing to do is to seek the right advice from the moment you create your account. A lot of those 1 million accounts on OnlyFans are from people who created an account, but then never used it.

Use the resources available to you to learn how to start an OnlyFans page. The sooner you start taking your account seriously, the sooner you can create a customer base.

This also ensures that you’re immediately aware of how OnlyFans works.

If you want to eventually make OnlyFans your mains source of income, you’ll need to understand all its intricacies. Another helpful tip is to research some of the most popular regular accounts at the moment.

Take a look at what they’re doing, and see how you can spin it in your own way. Or, figure out a niche that you don’t see anyone doing quite yet.

The reality of life is that everyone has their own niche they enjoy, whether they want to admit it or not. This can be a good way of honing your client base, which can create more loyal customers for you in the long run.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’re likely going to have to leverage social media to gain an initial client base. Using social media platforms alongside OnlyFans means you can attract people to your account through other channels.

It might help to create an additional social media account for this so that you’re not using your personal account. This can help split up your work-life balance and improves your security, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Either way, make sure to build relationships with your high-paying users, to keep them engaging with your content.

Where Can I Find Out More About OnlyFans Accounts?

You should now see the issues with celebrity OnlyFans and how it impacts OnlyFans creators.
But don’t let it dissuade you; OnlyFans is a liberating platform that can help you control your life if you use it properly. The best way to ensure you’re prepared to try OnlyFans is to get the support you need.

If you’re a creator, take a look through some of the OnlyFans promotion packages we offer at Only Accounts.

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