Do You Think About Consent While Sharing Nudes?

If you have been following celebrity trends closely, you would notice that somewhere or the other, there has been some filthy business of leaking their scandalous or nude pictures, or pictures/videos of them cozying up to someone else (preferably very famous!). If you ask any producer, they would nod their head and say that is show-biz, because any publicity is good publicity!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Forever!
Jennifer Joana Aniston, or simply, Jennifer Aniston is a character which most of us are pretty acquainted to. Aniston owes her big break to international fame owing to the critically acclaimed television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where she played the role of Rachael Green. In her early life and career, she worked for a theatrical production company that went by the name of Off-Broadway. After a depressive series of failures, she approached NBC’s head of Entertainment who assured her to keep on acting. A little later, Jennifer Aniston was cast as Rachael Green. She was originally the first choice for the role of Monica Geller, but the producers found Courtney Cox was suited more for the role.

Cut to a decade later, we have Jennifer Aniston nude pictures almost all over the internet. This was the handiwork of an internet organisation named 4chan, which leaked a lot of scandalous photos of celebrities on the internet and made quite the headlines back in 2014. 4chan had leaked a lot of nude pictures of Jennifer Aniston alongside a lot of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst to name a few.

Even A Playboy Seductress Needs To Have Consent!
A similar nude picture leaking incident was also related to YouTube actress Amanda Cerny. This young woman born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a huge name in YouTube and is a highly sought-after influencer on Instagram. One prominent name in her acting career is ‘Adam Devine’s House Party’ which was featured in Comedy Central. One might describe her as a fitness guru, a model and a philanthropist who has had partnerships in the past with huge production banners like Paramount, NBC, Comedy Central, Lakeshore and the like. As a known philanthropist, she is known to work with a lot of aid efforts in and around Puerto Rico and Haiti.

As a career graph which involved being a playboy model, it would not be quite a shocker when we saw Amanda Cerny nude pictures being circulated on the internet. Cerny has posed nude for quite a while for the playboy magazine and thus, the nudes circulating on the internet could have been the ones which she posed for back in the day while working for the playboy magazine. Playboy magazine had also published in their online magazine that in the latest shoot with Amada Cerny, they have tried to show her images as real as they can without airbrushing her marks, or minute details on the skin which are usually airbrushed and masked off in case of other models who are photographed for Playboy.

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