What funny acts you can enjoy during sex?

Are you tired of having boring sex and want to spice up things on the bed? Well, you aren’t the only one because a great number of men feel in the same manner after doing the same things daily with their partner.

However, we always work to give exciting ideas to the readers to ensure they never lack in terms of naughty fun. Allow us to tell you about some exciting tricks following which you can spice up things perfectly on the bed.

1. Adding a stranger
No matter, you find it funny or not, but adding a stranger in the mix can make things memorable. If you believe finding a third partner will be a difficult thing, then you can think about booking Bangalore escorts who will love to have a threesome.

Three of you can enjoy a role-play together where one girl can act as a second girl’s mother, and you can bang both of them. Trust us; you are going to feel an increased sense by doing all this.

2. Painting each other
It is one of the craziest things that a couple can do to add a new kind of excitement in their life. Painting each other body using liquid chocolate or even real paint is something that very few people do in life. Trust us; this idea will increase the intimacy in your body and helps in having an exciting lovemaking session.

3. Games
Playing erotic games with excitement on a stake will let you understand sizzling things. You can play a game with your partner, where the loser will become a slave for much time as you want. Ashika Soni, a milf in her 40’s states that playing games have changed their sex life to a greater extent. You can try it too for increasing the quality of your sessions.

4. Inventive Tricks
Add some new funny tricks in your sex sessions are a great thing to do if you often feel bored with your partner. It can be adding a sex toy in the ass of your partner along with putting cock in her pussy, or it just can be patting on the ass of your girl. The fun is guaranteed with the addition of such tricks for sure.

Which of these funny tricks are you going to add tonight for spicing up things? Try any of them and feel the fun differently.

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