Why Do Some Men Love to Submit to Their Escorts?

Letting Your Lover Take the Lead

Every man is different, and each client that we deal with comes to us with his own unique desires. Something that our London escorts see a lot from their clients is the desire to be submissive. So why is this so popular – and what can you expect if you ask one of our escorts to take the lead? Here’s everything you need to know about handing over the reins to your companion.

Playing With Stereotypes

It is assumed that a male partner will take the lead in the bedroom, although that belief is a little bit outdated in this day and age! Still, the opinion remains – and there is real pleasure to be had in subverting it. There’s something just a little bit naughty about a man laying himself at the mercy of his lover and knowing that he is doing something that might not necessarily be expected of him can really add to the thrill.

Escaping Career Worries

Many of the clients our escorts spend time with are highly successful businessmen who are making huge decisions in the boardroom every day. As exciting as that may be, there comes a time when being the one calling the shots does get a little tiring. That’s where submission comes in. For a few hours in the company of one of our escorts, a man can leave all of his work worries behind and focus on nothing but pleasure.
It’s Just Fun!
Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a deep reason for wanting to submit to a beautiful woman – it’s just a great way to spend an evening! If you love to experiment in the bedroom and being the submissive partner is something you haven’t tried yet, why not push the boat out and spend the night in a top London hotel with an escort doing so? Not only could you discover something new about yourself, but you can also tick it off your list!

Our Escorts

No matter why you are looking to submit to an escort, our ladies are the perfect people to make your fantasy come to life. They have so much experience when it comes to this kind of play, and you will be in the safest possible hands when you share an intimate encounter with them. From picking out toys and restraints that you will be comfortable with to agreeing on a safe word with you for an extra layer of peace of mind, you can count on Babes of London to work with your needs at the forefront of her mind.

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If you want to find out more about our London escorts and the delight of submitting to them for a night of fun, then please get in touch with our booking team today. In no time at all, you will be at your escort’s mercy.

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